Public Speaking

When I am home during the winter I accept invitations to speak at sailing clubs, at dinners, and at meetings such as the Inner Wheel, Inland Waterways Groups, Women’s Institutes and Townswomen’s’ Guilds, etc. I give an illustrated talk on the French Canals which I call “Floating Through France”, and hopefully advertise my book.

I travel mostly round the North West of England but have been known to travel further afield when it fits in with other commitments. For example I have spoken at the Headquarters of the Cruising Association whilst in London for the Boat Show, and at the Kent branch when visiting our grandchildren. My fees are negotiable.

I also give a talk entitled “Overcoming the Odds”, based on my own life experiences.

I talk about:

  • the importance of the way we talk to ourselves
  • how to use questions to solve problems
  • how to turn negative into positive
  • how to take charge of one’s life

These are all techniques which I have used to overcome the many obstacles which life has thrown at me, (see the introduction to “Floating Through France”) including overcoming my fear of water in order to enjoy sailing, and surviving breast cancer.

Before I retired I also published a book about handling stress, which is called “What’s All This About Stress?”,

This is a very readable book written for the man and woman in the street, explaining what exactly stress is and how the damaging effects of too much stress can be overcome, and it's effects on health alleviated.

It was published in 1999 by Tudor Business Publishing Ltd. ISBN No. 1 872807 33 X and is still selling well. It can be obtained through Amazon Amazon.co.uk, by post from myself and through most bookshops.

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