Cruising the Inland Waterways of France & Belgium - 17th edition

A regularly updated guide to these waterways.

Brenda is a co-editor of this Guide Book which is an absolute 'must' for anyone spending time on the waterways of France & Belgium, and many refer to it as their ’bible‘.

It is re-published every year by the Cruising Association and kept up to date by members who have been there, and gives an idea of what the area is like, what challenges have to be overcome, what equipment and documentation is needed as well as a detailed list of all mooring possibilities and facilities to be found there.

It is intended to supplement rather than replace the existing ’carte guides‘ which are less frequently re-printed. This year the book has been enhanced by the addition of new maps, and photographs and a ’facilities list‘ for each waterway listing fuelling points, chandlery, repairers and public transport links.

In 2014 for the first time it includes chandleries, repairers and fuel points as well as new maps and photographs.

It can be obtained from the Cruising Association or from the Cruising Association, CA House, 1 Northey Street, Limehouse Basin, London, E14 8BT. Tel: 020 7537 2828

Price £15 to non-members, £10 to members.

Or Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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